A message from Alex

It was in 2004 that I first visited Rajasthan, India and immediately fell in love with the place and the people. Over the following years I have pretty much become a nomad, spending my time travelling between India and the UK, and especially becoming immersed in the Rajasthani culture.

There is a group of nomads from the Thar desert near Jaisalmeer in Rajasthan called the Kalbeliyas who are known for their music, dance and weaving. Besides running Nomads Guest House, I am also involved in a clothing business with my Rajasthani friends, and as I have had a lifelong interest in both clothing and dance when I started my business it was a natural move to call it Kalbeliya.

The people of Rajasthan are very important to me, and I work with them in an ethical, fair trade way. I source our fabrics and textiles from Rajasthani producers, and it is mostly hand spun and hand loomed. The Rajasthani block print fabric comes from a factory that only uses vegetable dyes in a desert town called Barmeer which is famous for block printing going back generations, where the factory owner pays well and looks after his workers as he wants to keep the old traditions going. The block printing technique is called ajrakh and is considered as one of the most famous Rajasthani arts and ranks highly as a part of their tradition. Our other cloth is called khardi, which is hand spun and hand loomed, and sourced from a Gandhi co-operative.